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Fun fact: Cheetahs only attack pray that runs

jesus that is good to know.

Yup, that’s the point you just stay still and let it do whatever the fuck it wants that doesn’t involved you getting eaten. 

REALLY FUN FACT for big cats cheetahs are fucking docile as shit
my grandfather ran a cheetah sanctuary in south africa and he’d just lie with them and sleep among them and they’d rub against him and chirp at him they’re big fucking babies

Another Fun Fact: Cheetahs are incredibly nervous animals. One of the (many) reason’s they’re going extinct is that cheetahs are so sensitive and nervous, some of them are literally too nervous to breed. Other’s will breed, but stress themselves out so much that they’ll loose their cubs. So zoo’s with breeding program’s had to figure out how to make Cheetahs comfortable enough to: A. Get laid and B. Not spazz themselves into miscarrying.So what’d they do? They gave the cheetahs their very own Service Dogs!The dogs make them feel safe, protected and secure!

That one friend that acts out when boys are around

Solid selfie of me and my horse.

Positive quotes

love <3

So this cutie can do a muscle up but I can’t… Awk

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